Recruit Information

The purpose of the Tennessee State Guard is to provide a professional complement of personnel to support the Governor of the State of Tennessee and the Adjutant General by assisting the Tennessee Army National Guard as a force multiplier, and by assisting civil authorities when requested providing a variety of services such as ceremonial, security, military funeral honors, and medical aid.

The TNSG is regulated by the Tennessee State Code Annotated and serves only within the borders of the State.

Requirements to join

  • Must be a resident of the State of Tennessee
  • Must be between age 18 and 66
  • Must meet height and weight standards
  • Must have high school diploma or GED
  • Background check required
  • Prior military service preferred, but not required
  • Education requirements for commission

Commitment requirements

  • Drills are held 1 day a month
  • Annual Training 3 days a year
  • TO&E slots available for special-needs veterans
  • No enlistment contracts
  • Upon enlistment, you must be willing to deploy when called upon by The Adjutant General in times of emergency.
  • When on duty, you are required to meet military grooming standards, military code of conduct, and render all military honors and recognitions to those appointed above you.
  • Upon enlistment, you are required to obey the orders of the officers appointed over you, and, to carry out your duties as assigned.

Currently the TNSG is looking for prior-service personnel who received an honorable discharge from any branch of U.S. military.

* Civilians will be considered, but only those in professional occupations such as attorney, physician, engineer, etc.